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La Respectable Loge PACIFICA
Orient de San Francisco

La Franc-Maçonnerie francophone s’est installée sur la côte ouest des Etats-Unis, au 19ème siècle. San Francisco fut un de ses premiers ports d’ancrage.

Cette maçonnerie francophone a donné naissance à l’actuelle Grande Loge de Californie.

La Respectable Loge Pacifica, à l’Orient de San Francisco, a été créée en 1986 par quelques Frères de Métropole qui s’étaient installés et travaillaient dans la Silicon Valley.

Lumière scintillante au bord du Pacifique, La Loge Pacifica accueille tous les Frères et toutes les Soeurs de passage ou résidents, dans la Baie de San Francisco.

Elle se réunit tous les premiers dimanches du mois, de septembre à juin.


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George Washington Union

is proud to announce its first Freemasonic colloquy on key masonic topics:


Sunday November 13th from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

at 548 Haight Street, San Francisco


This event has been designed for masons and non-masons alike


Attendance is free.

But the number of seats being limited, registration via email at: is mandatory.


First presentation


Alain de Keghel

Honorary Grand Master of George Washington Union

“Forty Years of George Washington Union: 1976-2016”


History of a Masonic dream and commitment with the Craft in America.  How did this   Masonic Power succeed to meet the goal of the dreaming founders to introduce within only forty years a new way to address Masonic expectations?


Biography:    Alain de KEGHEL was born in Paris (France) in 1940.  After studies in political sciences and public low in France and Germany he entered the French diplomatic service in 1968. As a career diplomat he served in Germany, Holland, Senegal, Japan and Belgium but also a long period of time in Washington, DC and in Latin-America. He also was involved in communication policies.


Since his initiation as a Freemason of GODF in 1962 at Clermont-Ferrand he has actively experienced the Craft with an ongoing dedication in various Countries throughout the world. He is known as a Mason crossing the borders and today Chairman of a Research Lodge and Member of the famous Quatuor Coronati Lodge. He always keeps very special and strong relationships with America where he took the initiative, in 1996, to rebuild the George Washington Union. His books over Freemasonry are edited in France, USA, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Italy.  He has been invited to present papers in Italy, Uruguay, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, England and  France, as well as in the United States.  One of his Essays: “Le défi maçonnique américain”  is soon to be edited in English by Inner Tradition Publishing.



Second presentation


"Principles of Freemasonry"


Joined presentation by the lodge Pacifica ( Grand Orient de France in San Francisco) and Golden Journey Lodge (George Washington Union in San Francisco)


This piece of architecture will provide an overview of the principles of Freemasonry as they apply to the continental practice of the craft and to our "regular" brothers as well. It will go over the many similarities that unite us all, and will describe the differences that separated us so long ago.


Third presentation

John L. Cooper III,

Past Grand Master Masonic Grand Lodge of California

"The Initiatic Experience – A Masonic Landmark"


Freemasonry sets itself apart from most other social organizations in that it is an initiatic society.  Initiation is a method of teaching that has descended to us from ancient times, and implies a change in the heart and mind of those who experience it.  Of all the characteristics of our ancient order, it is the most fundamental – and thus is Landmark I.


Biography:    John Cooper is a native Californian, having grown up on Southern California.  He, and his wife, Heather, now live in Lincoln – near Sacramento, California.  In 2013/2014 he served as Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of California.


Since his initiation as a Freemason in 1964 he has devoted his life to the study of Freemasonry – its origin, history, development and teachings.  He has been invited to present papers in England and in France, as well as in the United States.  In 2014 the Grand Lodge published a collection of his essays, The Questing Mind is a Salient Characteristic of a Freemason, copies of which are available from the Grand Lodge Office.